Sunday, April 15, 2012

E-shoppers, forget about beware and listen up!

Hey guys,
So I wanted to buy a motherboard from a website but I also wanted to see a review from customers. I found that 5/10 like the site and the rest had some complaints on customer service and they didn't receive an invoice. When it come tech buying, make sure the website is for you but you can always try eBay I guess. Anyway here is list I think you should follow when you make your next tech buy online because sometimes you'll loss big time.
Now if the website/store is far from where you live than you should definitely follow these rules.

1.) Make sure the item is stock!(A lot of companies don't update their websites like they should.)Call their toll free hotline speak to a Representative. Write down their name, date, and time.If they seem shady don't make a order.

2.)If they have it in stock make the purchase but also document your purchase by taking screen shoots.(windows PrtScn/SysRq.\ Mac shift+command+3/4)

3.) If you haven't received an invoice of your purchase then email them asking for a corformation number and a tracking number and if possible a picture of the product you have purchased. If you haven't heard anything back call them and ask them, also writing down the persons name, date, and time. If they can not answer the questions you ask, then ask to speak with manager.

4.) Worst case if haven't received your product or the right product or nothing at all. Go file a compliant with company on their website and ask for a refund then make a copy of this compliant and send it to the top person (ceo/manager).

5.) If nothing is done about the issue gather all your documents and any thing you have received back from company. And write to Consumer Reports mail and email these document to them also keep a copy for yourself.

6.) Lastly, call your credit card company and ask if there had been tranction taken place from the company. If so ask to fight the transaction and tell them I have all the information that had taken place from the day of purchase to present and if you can mail/ email it to them so they can do an investigation. This may take awhile so be patient.(also get the the reps name, date, and time.)

Hopefully this will help you a lot BC a lot companies nowadays like to cause us consumers a lot grief over material things so they can make buck off you.

Have great day guys.


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