Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why must you be so hard to learn?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for being MIA again, just expected this because I'm still attending college. I'm taking a summer class and lets just say I'm not so doing well. I tried taking it last year and decide to drop it, if your wonder what class it is Stats. I'm not so good with math and this type is like learning math again but with a whole lot more formulas. People I have talked too have told me to get a tutor but it's kind of too late for that now since it's a accelerated course. I usually sit near the front with the smart people but they don't even study till the last minute or work after the class and then cram. Their like. . . It's so easy? What so hard about stats? ...Well I'm just glad I passed the class and had a good patient teacher... Why don't you get a tutor? So I've just stayed to get all the notes I can when I take it again probably the other college I'm enrolled in. I'll talk to a counselor about what to do because this is holding me back from transferring. I've been kind of depressed about the situation I've put myself in and I'm stress to the max. I've taken Botany and Sociology which, both use some form of statistics and I passed those classes but I can't pass statistics. I'm going to go for jog now to release this pressure of having a rock on my back.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

AX2014 (✪㉨✪)

Hey Guys, 

How was your 4th of July weekend? Well mines was pretty cool and crazy. This year instead of just being con-goer, I decide to work behind the scenes. If haven't check my twitter or instagram last week that what I was basically doing. Anyways, this year like last year was the line-con of the century AX, it never changes. The main events were schedule all at the same time or one after the other. Rant in 3,2,1,...AX is just as bad as Government when it comes to getting stuff done. The Fire Marshal had to come out multiple times since we had over 100,000 compared to last year which was about 60k. Crazy right. My only complaint is why couldn't they rent out tents or covers for the the very hot 4th of July weekend. There seems to be a lack of communication between staff and volunteers. Apparently they only have one meeting before AX. Plus the traffic around LACC this year had a lot of staff not getting to their jobs on time and shuttle issues as well. My Boyfriend said his friend loved AX. Most people who had premier pass or press were of the more lucky ones. The rest is your just shit out of luck. People think AX might move to a bigger venue or back to Anaheim Convention Center due to them building that damn stupid stadium (why can't they just retro fit the LA coliseum). Anyways Enjoy the Pics because I took just about 300 images. I'm going #Tag most of images.