Monday, April 22, 2013

KPP in LA!

Hey Guys,

Again been busy as usual but I went to see Kyary Concert so here are some picks. I can't wait for Kyary's new song "Invader Invader" to come out. Hope you enjoy! A lot ppl I've met at events this year were there so, I saw a lot familiar faces...It's funny my boyfriends says we know to many ppl. Oh yeah and I am also going to be seeing B.A.P. YAY! I would really like to go to KMFLA this year but B.A.P kind took my attention lol. Also, I'll be at maid cafe event this coming Sunday I will defiantly be dress up but really can't say wht yet. Now I'm a contact lenses wearer, I gotta go in to get color ones fitted this Friday so wish me luck. over pass weeks I've been watching Doctor Who, Kill me baby(finished), Book of Gu family, Toradora(finally, got to watch it) and Kotoura-san (finished)...I think I'm goona add Chihayafuru and Minami-Ke.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

A lil blurry but enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Fest 

Mortal Kobat!!!!
Can't wait for new movie to come out it's gonna be epic!

 This is store called Sand Box and they sell vintage clothes for kids and there trying to get project started with kick starters.
743 Pine Ave. Long Beach , CA 90813

 Amazing vocalist Reiko leader of Lolita Dark.

Stephan Yanez, She actually got sing to Kyary!!