Friday, March 29, 2013

Japan Nite! 2013

So I went to Japan Nite! at the The Amplyfi and it was Awesome.I was really looking forward to seeing Josy(myspace) and 4 Minutes til Midnight. I missed a little of  Josy because I was eating Astro burgers after long day at work I was really hungry. But I really liked all the bands except one I found this one guy who wasn't included in the line up very hilarious for some reason. I hope you enjoy it! Here is the line up:JOSY/Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14 Band/Pirates Canoe/Jake stone garage/FOUR MINUTES TIL MIDNIGHT/

Anyways, I'm not onspring break yet and I'm really DQ about it because everyone else I know is. Usually spring break  starts after Easter but mines is a week afterwards.But I guess that's okay because I'm going to PAX jk jk jk lol. . .I mean Kyary concert  which is week I'm off YAY!! I wish I knew they were selling ticket for special get together so, I could meet her not from afar. Oh if you guys heard that she had interview on A-Pop at the new YouTube building in Roppongi Hills but I missed it. However, They upload it HARAJUKU KAWAii!! TV. so, you can watch it there. 

I found that I shared some weird similarities to her except I'm not awesome singer as she is and my mom actually like her voice and "it's soft and sweet." Her new song came out around same time so, go check it out Ninjya Bang Bang.

 BF is love with her but it seems like we both felt like the song was made for Perfume than Kyary and I felt that Perfume newest song Mirai no Museum sound more like Kyary style. But all in all I like song plus I always wanted to be Ninjya! or maybe because I watched to many Samurai movies with my mom and Amerikaji-Sentai and Ninja Turtles as kid.

Oh and I just found out for all you J-Rock and V-Kei enthusiast/fans that Gazatte will be doing world tour but it's more like South America and Europe.

And here are the dates:
Sep. 6th. 2013 Mexico City, Mexico / Jose Cuervo Salon,
Sep. 8th 2013 Santiago, Chile / Teatro Caupolican,
Sep. 11th 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina / Teatro Vorterix
Sep. 14th 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil / A Seringueira,
Sep. 20th 2013 Paris, France / Le Trianon,
Sep. 22nd 2013 Toulouse, France / Le Phare,
Sep. 25th 2013 Dortmund, Germany / FZW,
Sep. 27th 2013 Munich, Germany / Muffathalle,
Sep. 29th 2013 Helsinki, Finland / The Circus,


Friday, March 1, 2013

Been Missing in Action

Hey Guys,

Wow it's been a while, a month to too be exact. Sorry, but a lot as usual had been going on. I went to last Tune In Tokyo event at 2nd street bar. It was awesome but these events really got me out my introverted lifestyle. Yeah every since I was little world I had weird feeling that I was here before. Oh started back to school again yay... I'm having hard time getting up in morning then usual my IKEA bed is broken in half well, the wood planks so, my back hurts and find myself sleeping at unusual hours. I think I need a new bed... Ahh! Stress. I'm thinking about going on trip up north to Fanime convention with a group of cosplayers who love Touhou project and thinking of cosplaying MH.

For my birthday my BF took me to this place in Burbank that had the most delicious Indian food. Then my Mom took me to go bowling but ended up playing Billiard ball instead.


Also I got to the Midnight Release Party of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance at Citywalk/HardRock cafe. Got to meet the programmer and designer for the game. I played the demo b4 the release really nice even though "parrying" was something new to learn and don't expect me to win boss battle right off the bat. Even though I used play video games as kid and so now I still have my kid gamer inside me. As I got older I found G4 and started watching for E3 content, Anime and my favorite program X-play. But I've kind stop watching TV in general so while people continued watch Simpsons, Adult swim, and Walking Dead /Prime time TV,  I went towards Lets plays, Gurus makeup and vlogs/blog or internet based medias. I find hard to talk to people about current American pop culture because A) I don't have cable B) I used be TV junky and C) I need watch Walking Dead
Anyways, I was huge fan of Raiden when I first saw him in MGS4. Now I think a lot people have  admitted that they would do him since he has such a androgynous look to him so, go figure.

And won autograph signed Metal Gear Rising CD YAY!
The songs are so BADASS!