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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tommy Febuary6

I'm not sure how I found this artist. . .wait I looking up people with Aquarius and found her, Tomoko Kawase. She like 39 and she never ages O.O. She has like over 100 songs. And the funny thing is her birthday is same day as mine, February 6. She's really amazing vocalist. When I first look up her profile, she has this Avril Levin (if your slightly bias, Tomoko came before Avril) type of style but with a kawaii kick. She's done plenty of songs from KamiKaze Girls and anime like Soul Eater and of course my favorites Gundam and Paradise Kiss.  


Tomoko Kawase (川瀬 智子, born February 6, 1975) is a Japanese female singer, songwriter, producer, and model from Kyoto, Japan. Tomoko is the lead vocalist of the rock/pop group The Brilliant Green, and as a solo artist she has released music under the alter-ego pseudonyms Tommy february6 and later as Tommy heavenly6
  • Stage Names: Tommy february6 (glasses), Tommy heavenly6(no-glasses)
  • Real Name: Kawase Tomoko (川瀬智子)
  • Married Name: Okuda Tomoko (奥田智子)
  • Nickname: Tommy
  • Birthday: February 6, 1975 (age 40)(YAY!)
  • Blood Type: B (IDK what mine is)
  • Height: 161cm (I’m a lil taller then she is; 163cm)
  • Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
  • Favourite Color: Red ( the difference is I like blue)
  • Favourite Manga: Kodomo no Omocha 

I’ve been listening to her all month with a lot of Skrillex too, so I made a playlist. Hope you enjoy it. I’m not sure why I didn’t start listening to her when I watching Paradise Kiss even though I was addicted to the OP song. But my top 6 favorite Song. . . Mmmm, E-mail♥more, LAST SLOW DANCE, Monochrome Rainbow, I'M YOUR DEVIL, Swear (wick vocals and base), and Lonely in Gorgeous.And fun fact she also produce music for Amoyamo (stylized as AMOYAMO) is a Japanese pop-duo made up of models Amo and Ayamo. And I think she likes Neko-san because I love cats too, especially Chococat.