Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally I have time to post my finish project. . .So here is I think i did a job. I wasn't use changing from CS4 to PS am used ti using them separate so this is a good projects that showed that I could interchange from both especially for this project. It was fun using there other persons palatte. So here is the final outcome.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is my second version of my character background which more realisteic I'am going to post the first version after this so can see the before and after. Anyway, I used the pathfinders mostly for this project and the gradients an could d simple and organic shapes that i used the cutting and knife tools.I came out really nice. . .Okay wow!  I didn't think I could do this but being a newbie at bloging but here both of them you can tell which is which. Both design are have total different emotions. The tree in the background was fun to make with the shape, cutting, and pathfinder tools.

I used Illustrator for this design using and modifying the common shape to create the landscape and figures. I used the circle  and the star shapes to create the sunflowers. I used the gradient tool to add dimension for the landscape and pattern to create some texture in the girls clothes. The sun and clouds I used the mesh and transparency tool to create a more slightly cloudy effect.