Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Opportunistic Red Pill

I went kind of off topic here on my blog. After seeing a tweet from an artist on the internet via Twitter. I did my own investigation. I realized something strange is happening as Reallygraceful on YT would say on her video series. I don't know about you but hypocrisy seems to be at an all-time high these days. I've seen this springing up of black conservatives specifically it's mostly black educated woman which is great but when they are in the public eye their ideology is one had to expose leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any Black American who deviated from their ideological was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked." As young as I can remember whenever conservatives talked about a policy not passing to the media they go after the liberals, it's like watching a WWE Smackdown.

In December, I had gone to see Star Wars the Last Jedi and I'm the type of girl who loves theory videos. And ran into this YT podcast by Doctor Honda who practices family therapy and he psycho-analysis movies and TV series. I watched his Psychology Star Wars podcast and it was so eye-opening to why I have connected to the trilogies as a back seat fan. I highly recommend you watch the video before you continue to read my thought and opinions on this post.

Since I've been getting ready to go to Japan in the Fall something I didn't expect to run into was Nobita channel Find love in Japan again. If you guys don't know but I was actually contacted by Nobita in the past to help him with his website by giving a review. When I ran into his YT channel again after a couple of years, he had begun doing these sensational videos that garnered him a lot hate but also had opened a discussion channel for great rebuttals to his questions and concerns.

Here are some rebuttals:

I was kind of taken aback by his negative demeanor that I thought wasn't needed for what he was trying to do. Well, he did a live stream with a Conservative YT channel and this month I am noticing a weird trend to take the "Red Pill." I've mostly seen Black Educated women (basically taking over young white conservatives like that Tomi Lahren), who I found all have this ironic backstory to these black women coming from impoverishing backgrounds, who were once liberals and an event in their life made them "woke" and turned conservative overnight and anti-feminist with a sassy as their middle name. Now, on Conservative news outlets near you like you know Info Wars and Fox News. Many outside of US will say Americans are the most Individual country out there and we pride ourselves on that while Conservatives say Dems like giving out handouts for free last time I checked nothing is in life is free. Moral reframing is the new word for punching bag politics.

I want to point out that their ideology has changed but they continue to smear the left in the media. The ideology of these conservative black women is pretty unapologetic. They love to use Black on Black crime Rhetoric (which comes with no solutions just some facts thrown) to challenge the outrage of police brutality and gun violence when these are separate concerns under one umbrella (in recent years people have been saying they found crates full of guns in Chicago  but it probably just a huge black market for selling them and police corruption that should be focus in the rhetoric.) They also believe that being Gay in the black community is more welcomed than being conservative, maybe going as far as to say it racist yet mock the use of the word when it really is just ignorance (bigotry) and social bias. In addition, the use of fear is used on both sides especially in the media as a cash grab (one of the reasons why I stop watching the news). They blame the Democratic Party for (everything) their legislation and those liberals are very anti-American yet, both parties have ignorantly marginalized thru legislation. In addition, if you claim victim-hood or white guilt you're delusional and due to this, they like use pathos statements like "I to was once brainwashed like you" argument. Some believe certain sports players are stupid for having a political point of view on the playing field and capitalism trumps there first amendment rights so they should be punished. They also believe that liberals all watch CNN or MSNBC and other so-called liberal media, which is so far from the truth these days as a so-called "millennial" I use myTV as a secondary monitor and that will clearly tell you I live on the internet. The same women tell the stories about their parents and or grandparent living thru Jim crow and segregation era, yet we (the black community) should not dwell on the past transgression of the society. They would go as to downplay chattel slavery effects on society and the black community. Yet they are all the same page when it comes to the War on Drugs. Others still believe in that blacks community is a welfare state which has been debunked for some time now. Also, the strange thing I've noticed is they all like say "I've had "closeted" conservatives contact me because they feel like they can't express themselves in their current career and felt the same way for so long." If Black American want to do better than there has been to opportunities for them succeeded that's outside the infrastructure that you think is keeping us from thriving.

These stereotypes have longevity. Studies show that the "welfare queen" idea has roots in both race and gender. Franklin Gilliam, the author of a public perception experiment on welfare, concludes that:
Studies show that the public dramatically overestimates the number of African Americans in poverty, with the cause attributed to media trends and its portrayal of poverty.
"While poor women of all races get blamed for their impoverished condition, African-American women are seen to commit the most egregious violations of American values. This story line taps into stereotypes about both women (uncontrolled sexuality) and African-Americans (laziness)."
They believe that stigmatic racism in this day in age there isn't in terms of laws basically, there is no law stopping me from doing what I want to do.

My Response: The reason why you're not affected is that you're doing a lot better socioeconomically than a lot other black people, have you looked at income on Census lately. I live in California and I asked mom about "If blacks are still oppressed?" (Nobita recently did a video on this topic but it's one-sided) I get from your perspective but my mother and I whole hardly disagree and my mom has been through a lot more stuff than me. You agree there is some form of racism, discrimination, marginalized and prejudice that is still a formed oppression at end of the day. I would have liked it if would have explained further why. I wrote whole paper how media has disfranchised blacks on how people see us so, I don't understand. My question to you "Do you feel (all) blacks have freedom based on your definition, the antithesis of oppression?" As long as our society blueprints are built on the backs of servitude it will continue to create oppression and victims, as you have stated. Slavery has psychologically (PTSD) messed black people up from generation to generation guess what that's called Intergenerational trauma(DNA supports this as well) . Until we can all get help and I don't see us raising up to other expectations. "while you neglect to recognize that what’s actually divisive is centuries worth of black and brown oppression that still is not over, like gerrymandering, the lingering effects of racially restrictive covenants in housing, racial profiling measures like stop and frisk, the overwhelmingly black population of mass incarceration, and the school to prison pipeline." OK, let’s talk about black-on-black crime.

“Both sociologists and criminologists agree that violent crime is a complex socio-economic phenomenon. Generally speaking, research shows that poor people commit the most crime: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, during the period from 2008 through 2012, “persons in poor households at or below the federal poverty level (FPL) (39.8 per 1,000) had more than double the rate of violent victimization as persons in high-income households (16.9 per 1,000) ... The overall pattern of poor persons having the highest rates of violent victimization was consistent for both whites and blacks (article).”

Also, according to the census Black women who have children being born out of wedlock is lowest ever seen [article] a few years ago. But apparently it has skyrocket and the national average is in the 70 percentile coming from mainly Millennial (now people in their mid-20s-30s like myself) during college-bound years [Research]. Many Millennial and GenZ are opting not to continue into higher education because they don't want to be another stat on the debt charts and are not getting married (because the national average is to settle down is pretty much in the early 30s) or rather opting to have a partnership. Why is this an issue for conservatives and the like-minded? Conservatives need to read the research papers before quoting stats. Also, black replacement levels are under-performing as it is. And more black women or should I say high school students are deciding not to marry but are having more children than black women that are married but the birthrate are at their lowest seen yet.

A lot of people love the Conservative Red Pill Rhetoric and the unofficial slogan “Speak your truths”and their followers idolize them saying the same exact things over and over again like "You're such a breath of fresh air", "You're hot" or "You're so educated and beautiful." Let’s be honest the only reason why people hate media conservationism is because of the ideology is ego-centered that borderline the superego. I think black conservatives should focus on issues in their own party, actions for a change instead of focusing on the punchlines for a fight with the left and they should be looking at it upper mobility for all Black Americans and not just black conservative ones. Although I've already read this book in High School, I will agree that we all need to read the Uncle Tom's Cabin.

I just want people to Question what they consume, Ask questions and do the Research before falling down any ideal rabbit hole for convenience sake. At this point Back Americans should just become Independent, I just found out my mom is an Independent and so is my co-worker but leans to the right. Both parties aren't doing anything to spark social or societal change for anyone in the black community and the we still kick while were down. I know I keep editing this post but I keep finding so many informational gems that i need to include here for you guys.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Korean Cosmetic Brands You Probably Never Heard Of

These are Brands that I interacted with last year at Kcon Los Angeles. 

Launched in 2005, Korean beauty brand LADYKIN helps every woman put her best face forward. The brand uses affordable, high-quality and eco-friendly ingredients that are free from parabens and synthetic colors. UV protectants and fruit oils help reverse aging and keep skin silky, moisturized and bright. LadyKin products create long-lasting effects and are available in a vast array of colors that are easy to apply even for beginners. From makeup to skin toners to hydro creams, LadyKin's line captures the essence of the modern woman and her beauty needs.

Cheongdam is an area specializing in makeup, hair, skincare, and fashion located in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. Many of the beauty salons are recognized as premium beauty salons and have a common name "Cheongdam beauty salon". A number of Korea's top entertainers and fashion stars go there to get their hair and makeup essentials. This made Cheongdam the foremost beauty district in Korea.

Beautytap is more than just K-beauty. We at Beautytap strongly believe that K-beauty is our way of introducing a small part of Korean culture to the world with the hope that the more you grow to love Korean beauty, the more you’ll understand and appreciate Korean culture. It’s our way of sharing a part of us with you. Whether it’s through food, pop culture, or multi-step skincare routines, we at Beautytap believe that as we share our love of K-beauty with the world, we do our part to foster a more diverse perspective, a mutual respect for different cultures, and a deeper appreciation of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

Chae Look is a resort-wear fashion brand offering 'Resort Lifestyle Look.' We propose and style resort and vacation look for those who enjoy the free lifestyle, traveling on a plane or cruise throughout the year, like jet-setters. We propose the 'resort fashion look' with fashion products and lifestyle to women who want to show off their style from the airport and in a resort or vacation site. Our year-round collections designed for all seasons and climates convey a unique sporty and comfortable style and the unique textile design created by Chae Look adds sophistication so that you can dress up and create fashion style of any time, place, and occasion. With the resort lifestyle looks and fashion style proposed by Chae Look, you can show your fashion sense and make more beautiful memories, as a trend-leader.

One of the key lessons I learned at Harvard was that a career built on passion has fuel that seldom runs low. So in 2012, I left my job and launched Peach and Lily—a brand built from a passion that had been brewing since that serendipitous encounter on the streets of Seoul more than 15 years ago. My goal is to empower you to transform your skin by gathering the best information, advice, and innovations that Asia has to offer and putting it right at your fingertips (and on your doorstep). But I never forget that it’s not just about delivering great products—it’s about delivering a whole new level of confidence in your skin.

Does your skin feel tired?
The atmospheric pollutants in our daily environment are considered as a major source of cutaneous stress. It is causing…
Skin Irritations       
Sensitive skin
Skin needs to breathe
DMASK is a perfect solution for your skin. We specialize in a high-quality mask and anti-pollution line.
Day by day, better than today
DMASK is ready to protect any skin type in various circumstances. We provide a different type of mask for a different skin condition each day. No matter when, whether before the makeup, bedtime or while sleeping. It always gives you the opportunity to have a better-looking skin for tomorrow.
The difference, high-quality products
DMASK products are formulated with most effective ingredients to provide the best possible solution for a skin problem. Especially, it provides anti-pollution care by preventing fine dust and pollution with a skin protective Pollustop®. It also restores and strengthens your skin barrier for healthier, more radiant and younger-looking skin.
Delightful with the skin
DMASK offers a delightful experience with undeniable results by a fusion of our research and development, effective natural ingredients and modern science.
We provide a high-performance solution for the skin to be breathed every day.
Experience high-performance masks & anti-pollution specialist ‘DMASK’.

be your First Love
“YADAH offers gentle yet effective botanical skincare range.
In order to minimize the harmful chemicals on our skins,
Yadah only uses organic products certified from ECO CERT."
CEO. Anna Kang

RANKISS Co. Ltd. is manufacturing mainly cosmetics which was established in 2007. The main products include cosmetics, hair care product, hair manicure and so on.
 With our efficient systems including full production line for development of new products, such as manufacturing containers and even packing designs, we are capable to provide you with customized products. So we can supply the products with the best quality at a reasonable and competitive price. Moreover, we have more than 100 business contacts regionally. And, we are exporting our products to Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Russia and China and continue to develop new products and new markets focusing on the American/European Markets. We will try to do our best to grow as a well-known Korean Brand by providing more unique, emotional products.
- young and healthy skin science found in snail mucus
- as the people in charge of growing snails at the farm for escargot which is representative
french food experienced that wound or infection was healed without the scarand skin of their hand became clear and soft the effect existed for about 600million years on earth and have the ability to regenerate and restore their scar on their skin or broken shell.

Botanic Twenty is gaining popularity as a cosmetics brand that helps prevent dryness and to treat flaky and dry skin.
 Because the environment is dry during the spring and summer seasons, we are more affected by the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun.
We also are easily fatigued by external stimulation and therefore must take extra good care of our skin.
When our skin is this dry it is important to adequately deliver moisture to our skin and minimizing any chemical substances that are exposed to our weakened skin and
 treating and nourishing it with natural plant-based substances is important when taking care of our skin in the autumn and winter seasons.
 Chemical substances that are included in our cosmetics can cause skin irritations or allergies and also cause various respiratory problems,
and because they can also cause cancer in extreme cases there is a need to be especially careful that we use products that have not exceeded the maximum permitted content for these substances.
 The natal cosmetics company Botanic Twenty minimizes the use of chemical substances and included 20 natural extract ingredients to keep the skin from getting flaky, dry or cracked during the autumn and winter months. 

We have acted as an agent for Korean Pharmaceutical companies and overseas companies. We mainly deal with the Pharmaceutical products, API, Medical device, Cosmetic Products. We have plenty of experience in sales, marketing, and regulatory affairs. Our major business covers export, import, agency and consulting of registration.

A beautiful promise for your skin - BYHERB
Contemporary women’s skin is endlessly exposed to harmful elements such as stress, pollution, and fast food, allowing it to get easily damaged. With the added use of cosmetics that contain multiple harmful substances, skin can never become truly healthy. “BYHERB Co.” is committed to making our skin healthy with pure and natural products under the conviction that nature’s ingredients are most beneficial to our skin.

SHINE & SHINE Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer and distributor of herbal cosmetics. SHINE&SHINE is specialized in skin care product that can deliver the good nutrients made from red ginseng and natural fermented herbal ingredients to the skin with the herbal bio method.
Brand story
SHINE&SHINE is using the slogan as "Arise your skin and Shine!!" The skin suffering from a tiring daily life and stress are protected by ginsenoside which is the core and rare ingredient in red ginseng and the natural herbal material. That makes our skin arise and shine.

People’s would like to express my appreciation to our customers who send a deep interest and love to Peoples'. People’s is covering a range of basic cosmetics to color cosmetics. On the basis of this cosmetic business, we are ready to become the best company in the global market. Especially, People’s can provide from product concept to design to the provider and always try to deliver an optimized product for customer's concept. People’s always think customers are the top priority and based on this we will repay your love and attention to our customers. Thank you.

Adwin Korea Corporation is the well-established company, which manufactures and distributes high-quality Beauty & Healthcare products in the spirit of partnership and dedication to quality. We do design, manufacture and develop Skincare Cosmetics, Wet Wipes, and Healthcare products for various international markets in top-quality, competitive pricing, attractive packaging, and on-time delivery so that they become saleable, affordable and fulfill the customer's qualitative expectations.

All products are formulated without 5 ingredients that may cause allergies, and the vegetable ingredients to be used are suitable for sensitive skin or people who suffer from allergic rhinitis.
* 5-FREE TREATMENT SYSTEM : Artificial Fragrance / Color pigment / Synthesized Preservative / Synthesized Surfactant / Animal ingredient
* Ultra Moisture Repairing Line (Moisturizing effect)
Helps to clarify the complexion with Betula alba juice and various natural ingredients, leaving your skin clean, supple and more receptive to hydration.
* Multi-Function Line (Anti-wrinkle/Whitening effect)
Contains 10 kinds of medicinal herb ingredients in abundance nourish and moisturize your skin
* Ultra Deep Cleansing Line :
Ultra deep cleansing line is enriched with herbal active ingredients for protection against irritation and strengthens the natural defenses of the skin.

LACOSMI is skincare equipment manufacturer for beauty
LACOSMI is now exporting to markets all around the globe.
To pursue customer satisfaction, LACOSMI will do the best to ensure the value of our products and service. Your skin feels like improved by using LACOSMI’s skin care massager. Thank you

As a result of striving for the research and development through establishing alliances with material companies and professional research institutes in and out of the country to derive the fundamental improvement of the skin condition, we developed and are providing cosmeceutical products which are a graft of beauty and science including global technology and quality.
Founded in August 2006, this medical esthetic professional cosmetic company supplies specialized cosmetics to skin care shops, hospitals, drug stores, skin beauty colleges, etc with the specialized service and special cosmetics in the field of skin care.
Based on the natural ingredients, AMI developed scientific patent ingredients for the improvement of skin problems according to the skin types, developed it to the best cosmeceutical formula again, and provides the best skin care solution to customers. We aim to be the company which contributes to the maximization of the happiness of the customers through the improvement of the fundamental skin.

Established on 1994, Joycos operates its two business divisions via Joycos International Ltd. that provides cosmetic packaging service for overseas markets and Joycos Ltd. that manufactures, sells and distributes cosmetic products.

Honorable Mentions

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Popular Japanese Skincare for 2018

Hey Subbies,

I wanted to do a post on the popular skincare in Japan since the trend this year is to look towards Japanese Cosmetics. The reason why I haven't updated anything on Japanese skincare is that many brands have a cult following in Japan because they have a similar process in product development as France. A lot brands in the west would just discontinue their brand line or reformulate it if their budget would allow it in some cases. Simply, it stays in the rotation. Also, it's really expensive to get Japanese brands in the US because of the taxes. Here is an older post so can see what has been updated and what has not in terms of popularity.

Shiseido Anessa Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50+ 4.3
Shiseido ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen EX N SPF50+PA+++ is waterproof and suitable for leisure and water sports activities. It offers high protection against UVA and UVB and is proven to be sweat-resistant and sebum-proof by FDA “80 minutes water resistant test”. Infused with hyaluronic acid that moisturizes even the dehydrated skin. Allergy tested.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 4.6
An olive oil–based facial cleanser that dissolves makeup thoroughly with zero residue. Its nutritive formula effortlessly breaks down stubborn, waterproof mascara and eyeliner and emulsifies into a cleansing milk when you rinse. Great for removing excess oil and sunscreen, it's a daily must-have even if you don't wear makeup. Your skin will feel soothed, refreshed, and balanced. One try is all you need to see why millions of women swear by it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essences 4.3
SK-II’s signature product and a highly awarded best-seller. Essentially unchanged for more than 35 years, this essence transforms all five dimensions of your skin to crystal clear – spots are less visible, an appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated.

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder 4.6
Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is a water-activated enzyme powder cleanser and exfoliator that claims to exfoliate, shrink the appearance of pores and remove excess sebum and dead skin cells without drying out the skin.

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion 4
A lightweight emulsion that provides unprecedented translucency and smoothness to skin and protects skin from first signs of aging

Lululun Balance Moisture Mask 4
Pink - for moisture balance. Each box contains the equivalent of 4 bottles of serum! Use daily and set your skin's moisture meter to the max!
Nourish dry, wanting skin with the LuLuLun Face Mask in Pink; one of the best-selling sheet masks available in Japan, specifically designed for daily use to deliver exceptional skincare benefits and effectively balance moisture levels.  

Pola Red Ba Cream 3
Pola B.A Red Cleansing Cream has the following features: Transforms immediately from a cream to an abundant oil to remove all impurities gently.  Easily mixes with impurities and makeup in pores and furrows of the skin for thorough cleansing. The skin is well hydrated after washing for a supple look.
Sumi Haigou Settuken Charcoal Bar Soap 4.6
Absorbs dirt clogged in the pores and exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth. Large size, so both bathing and cleansing yours with your family. Fresh cypress scent.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel 4.3
Cure Natural Aqua Gel is the #1 best selling exfoliator in Japan, selling 1 bottle every 12 seconds. Cure's unique and gentle formula allows for it to be used on people with even the most sensitive skin. Cure's status as a cult hit and Japanese beauty product legend stems from the simple fact that Cure does what it promises: exfoliates gently and effectively, without any harsh chemicals.

Fujiko : Mayu Tint 4.2
This is a new makeup trend that putting a long lasting eyebrow color on, called "eyebrow tint", which could last for as long as 3 days!

Opera Lip Tint 4.3
Based on lip care oil, so it's shiny and gentle smooth texture. Popular since debut, Japanese cosme awarded.#5 coral pink is especially called "Bride's Lip".

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream 4.5
Yu-Be is a highly concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream from Japan. Invented in 1957, Yu-Be remains one of the longest and best selling skin care products in Japan today.
Awards: Shecky's Best Of 2013

Honorable Brand Mentions 
Hada Labo
Sofina Primavista

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2018 Fashion Trends #UltraViolet

Hey Subbies,

I've looked at trends this year and nostalgia hit me hard. There so many 90s inspired trends this year. Even the colors of the year threw me into a loop because we got another violet but it gave me Prince's Purple Rain and Tinashe's Amethyst Album. I guess they inspired by U2 UltraViolet!?! But I am so happy to be able to get back into doing these types of posts again. Apparently, this year mantra is "Inclusion "since Rihanna set a precedence in the cosmetic world I guess. However, this is kind of ironic because brands have been "inclusive" already while other brands research and marketing department roles have been lackluster; they don't check to see if other demographics they tap into sadly. The other probably is when they try to expand into new growing markets they fail because of pure ignorance on their part. The mantra should be Expansion and Corrective Marketing. Anyways, if you have an itch for spring cleaning then I have posted on essential for your closet here. And, when I was thinking about this post I thought about those trying to save money on their next shopping trip. I don't go shopping that much but when do I try to buy or go towards accessories especially as I get older. Without further a due, here are trends that you can take into fall of 2018.

Lavender + Pastels

Red and Pink

Sexy Suit

Sheer to Clear



Bold Beauty

Bag Lady

LoGo Galore

Flower Power

Hair Trends

I don't know what is going on YT but most of the Natural hair community is going back to damaging their hair all for the sake of simplicity. If you don't know what I am talking about well recently I have seen a lot of YT Naturals are Relaxing (aka a perm) their hair. I rather the girls get SILK Press which are amazing and no need for dangerous chemicals. If you are not growing your hair then you probably need to add some supplements like Biotin to your diet and moisturizer a whole lot more (weaves are protective style but it does teach you how to deal with your hair). It takes about the same amount of time to do hair 2-4 hours for styling whether straight or curly so to me this trend is bs. It has only been a month...What happened to Wakanda Forever! Sorry, for the rant but people are really trying it in 2018. As far as I can see, Curls and Coils are here to stay in 2018.

Curlie Me Shirley

Sleek Yet Chic

Ribbons Oh My


Cosmetic Trends

This year masks will be all over the place. I've seen so many ads the last three months just on clay-esque masks, so this year is all about purifying the skin. The other very popular trend that was actually covered by The Doctors of all places. However, it another skin like trend coming out of South Korea but it has two takes on how to meet the look. The first being the sole use skincare, while the second used both skincare and minimal touch up with makeup on problem areas.

Glass Skin 

Mask Off / Mask On

Turquoise Liner

Gold Glow Highlight

Rose Gold Inner Eyeshadow Highlight

Glitter All Over

Twiggy Lashes