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Started from the bottom now your here.

So, I been in community college for quick a while now this post is for all new college student getting ready to go to a four or community college or want to take break. There are a number of things that screwed me up during high school and that was not taking a Math and English course during my senior year. Most high school want you to take a break since it's senior year but this could cause some student to forget what they have learned, especially if  your poor at doing academic work. But if your looking to relax your senior year I suggest you go to a tutoring service to bone up on your English and math before taking the entrances exams to any college that accepts you, even the community colleges. This is really helpful if your (un)decided on your major. This test is what held me and many other back an extra 4 years. I would advise most students to go to a community college since it's cheaper and you can take higher division classes plus you can take a class over at least two more time. So, here are some suggestion to help you succeed through college:

1) Study for your entrance exams.
Math you want to place in Statistic/ Inter. Algebra /Precalculus depending on your major and English you want to place into English 1 then all you just need to take English 2 or Debate course for critical thinking requirement. If you score in higher division you can easily go on to focusing on major or picking one.

2) Now, their are three things that required to take depending on your state requirements which are
   3 social sciences, natural sciences plus one with a lab, 3 arts and/or humanities, and lastly your    elective classes.

3) Lastly, get internship and join a club of your interest or major, this is great on your resume especially for those art/science/tech students.

I remember in high school every time we had to go see are grades especially during senior year we had to have 120 units to graduate. this to is also sort of true of college. Here is the break down:
  • Freshman 0-29 units
  • Junior 30-59 units
  • Sophomore  60-89 units (AA degree is now available plus transfer)(60 units or more most be transferable to any university i.e. USC, UCLA, CALS)
  • Senior 90-124+

Also depending on your major and whether or not your in honors classes you may be required to do a 40-60 page thesis to graduate from college and there is a class that specifies for your senior thesis.

Tip: I found going to two community colleges really helps if  your undecided because once max out 90 credits at one college you won't be able receive financial aid and you would have reapply like my did boyfriend for example.

Oh, also I found out why college are making students pay more and even foreigner students even more. It is because the government was slowly taking funds for colleges and even public schools and you probably know why cough cough W . . .A . . .R and O . . .I . . .L. Also blame the lobbyist and self interest groups and we the people are paying more T . . .A . . .X. . .S  because of it too. So that is why we use to pay $10-11 a unit but are now paying about $50 a unit and a lot students got turn away. And if your college didn't have foreign student program more class cuts for you than colleges that have the program, the foreign student now pay 3x more than the average student and this applies to out of state students as well. I'm going to let that sink in for those shocked by this but it's not so shocking. This even got worst when the housing bubble popped and wall street got no slaps on wrist. Capitalism is great but humans make knowing mistakes and are more greedy these days. It like an episode of Pinky and Brain trying rule world but instead failing they win every time. These are things that make me want to leave America and go live in S. Korea or Europe. Everything in this country is lacking because to many people have egos and economy making us money hungry and to many people like it that way "because if I can't have it you sure can't have it either"that's Democratic capitalism for you. I wish the government would bankrupt because elite people and even groups do that almost every two years and they don't get a slapped on wrist for it they get to start a new but I guess we have to much pride in trying to be #1 or first all the time. Sorry for the rant, when it comes issues about education and health I get all railed up.

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Taste of Soul! It's that time of year again!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013, 10am to 7 pm! On Crenshaw Blvd (between Stocker St and Rodeo Rd) - Map, Directions, and Parking
Taste of Soul is FREE and so are all the performances! Just be sure to bring plenty of spending money for all the great FOOD and get to the stages earlier to see your favorite performers!
Artists & Performers | Food | Exhibitors
Vendor Applications for 2013
Become a Youth Ambassador

Start from the Basics

Hey Guys,

So, have you ever thought about what kind style you wanted or got overwhelmed at the store because you wanted buy almost everything in it. Well don't stress because I have as well when I first started making money for myself but with the  help of the Internet and my mom's awesome style I acquired my inspiration to do this post. Well starts with basic...Do even know what they are? Well they consist of:

  • A good Bra 
  • Leggings & Tights
  • undergarments(pajamas, panties, even a white beater)
  • Tank Top
  • Active Wear (spandex short/pants, tank, and sport bra)

If you own at least three out six of things which I hope you do lol your on right track to create a style of your own. But there are also clothing trends that never go out of style as well. But first I want to talk about Color and Texture because I find that this sort of topic of clothing is most important and any art form you decide take on in school; all about the supporting details. During the renaissance also called the blue period the use of primary colors (pantone): True Blues (ultramarine), Reds (permanent rose), and Yellows (Cadmium) and tint (white zinc) and tones (black; Manganese dioxide)  to created vivid and striking paintings plus these colors look good on almost everyone. Neon; pink, red, orange, and blue colors and beige are also great colors too, when picking out clothes and even accessories.

[True Colors and Color Contrast and Black & White ]

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Top 10 K-Sci-fi [K-Pop]

Hey Guys,

It's almost Halloween and about a year back I was noticing a lot of Thrillerified music videos in K-pop. So, I decide to make a playlist of all the horror, thriller, fantasy or just to sum it up Sci-fi K-pop music videos I've encountered over the years. But to just make it more interesting I catorgies them by the number of horrorific music videos each artist(s) have done.

1) 4Minute
    Genre: Horror/Thriller/ Fantasy

 "What's my Name?" from there new album called Name is 4minute. Which was released on April 26, 2013 and became the group's most successful single after peaking at number one single on the Gaon Singles Chart.The mini-album which was produced by Brave Brothers. It features a "hip-hop style where it uses unique sounds and has a fast-paced and rhythm-packed melody".
Recommend you to also watch these stylish vamps in "Volume Up" and their reflections in "Mirror Mirror."
2) EXO
    Genre:  Fantasy/Sci-fi

XOXO was released in June 2013 and the subgroups collaborated for the album's lead single, "Wolf", but the rest of the album was recorded separately. A few days after its release, the songs in XOXO topped almost every real-time chart reached to top thirty spots in music download charts from online music websites of South Korea and mainland China and earned the name "triple win.".The two versions collectively peaked at number one on the Billboard World Album Chart a week after release. "Wolf" also won a trophy on MBC Music's Show Champion.

Recommend watch these shape shifting super-humans aliens in "MAMA."

3) Narsha 
    Genre: Horror/Thriller/ Fantasy

Her first solo studio album, the self titled NARSHA, was released on July 8, 2010. The title song and some what controversial "Bbi Rri Bba" charted on Gaon's Top 100 digital sales, most streamed and downloaded songs for 2010.

Recommend you watch Brown Eyed Girls killing it in their Kill Bill MV.

4) SunnyHill
 Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Sci-fi

Sunny Hill on June 3, 2011, the group released their first extended play, 'Midnight Circus'. The lead track, "Midnight Circus" drew much attention from its dramatic and creative music video, as well as vocally impressive live performances.

Recommend you watch this coed group collecting in "Pray" or being fabled as the ant and the "Grasshopper's song" and wishing for a "Prince on a White Horse" to come and save them.

5) Dal Shabet
    Genre: Fantasy

Dal Shabet released on November 6, of last the jacket and concept photos to their fifth EP, Have, Don't Have. Happy Face Entertainment revealed that the title track, Have, Don't Have, is 'a disco song that is easy for listeners to sing along to and the lyrics describe a girl’s cute feelings towards a guy'. It was revealed the following day that the group would be filming two music videos with the help of Lee Si Uhn and 'Jongtuk and the Cheerful Men'.On November 13, 2012, Dal Shabet's fifth EP, Have, Don't Have, was digitally and physically released, with the music video being released shortly after. A second version of the music video was released the following day. Promotions for "Have, Don't Have" began on M! Countdown on November 15, 2012.On November 19, 2012, Dal Shabet released a surprise music video for "For Darling". The song, and music video, are Dal Shabet's special gift for their fans.
Recommend you watch these cute aliens fly into the night sky in their "Pink Rocket" or become Robin hoods in "Mr. Bang Bang."

    Genre: Horror/Thriller/Sci-fi

Vixx debuted with "Superhero". On August 14, VIXX released their second single album, "Rock Ur Body". Their third single album, I'm Ready To Get Hurt (On and On) was released on January 17.On May 13, teaser images and the tracklist for VIXX's first mini-album, Hyde, were released. The mini-album, as well as the music video for the title track, Hyde, were released on May 20.

7) Lee Jung Hyun
    Genre: Pure Sci-fi

The Queen of Techno in 2010, her seventh album was released on May 11, 2010 with the title song, "Suspicious Man." In this title single's music video, Lee once again showed her dynamic performance range by introducing a vengeful assassin with a short blonde do. The seventh album was entitled, "007th."For her 2013 single "V," Lee starred opposite Jin Goo in a music video directed by Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong, with whom she'd previously worked on Night Fishing.

Recommend all her videos [playlist]

8) LedApple
     Genre: Sci-fi

On November 7, the teaser for their mini-album, CODA, was released, and it also revealed Led Apple's new sci-fi concept. An extended nine minute version of the teaser was also released on November 9 and was dubbed the "drama teaser".On January 29, 2012, Led Apple revealed a teaser for their newest single, "Time Is Up". It was later announced that Led Apple appointed the new leader of the band to be Youngjun. On February 2, the band made the their comeback stage on Mnet's M! Countdown with their newest single, "Time Is Up" and the song was released the next day. The music video was released on February 6 and the single was heavily promoted on music shows.On November 15th, 2012, Led apple released their single "Let The Wind Blow".

     Genre: Thriller/ Fantasty

 TVXQ are famous for their a cappella. Their ease with harmonizing persisted throughout their career and is used frequently in their songs, from slow ballads like "Tonight" to fast tempo pop like "Mirotic". Their most famous Korean singles have been pop. Their single "Mirotic", a heavy-urban dance song with electropop and synthpop influences, is considered one of the staple songs of K-pop.Their fourth Korean album, Mirotic, had genres of electronic, dance, ballad and had more heavy urban songs and less ballads from other albums.The group's fourth Korean album, Mirotic, was slated to be released on September 24 but due to the large number of pre-orders was pushed back two days. Like their previous Korean album, Mirotic debuted atop the charts with 307,974 copies sold. In early January 2009, the album's sales totaled 502,837 copies, making it the first Korean album in six years to pass the 500,000 mark.In October, TVXQ released "Jumon: Mirotic", the Japanese version of Mirotic's title track. The single topped the Oricon chart, breaking the record that the group had set with their previous single. TVXQ attended the prestigious KĊhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival on New Year's Eve, making them the first Korean group to attend. The honor of performing on Kohaku is strictly by invitation, so only the most successful J-POP artists and enka singers can perform.

10) (Han) Kim Jaejoong
       Genre: Horror/Thriller/ Fantasy

Jaejoong on January 17, 2013, released his first solo mini-album titled I/MINE. The rock-themed album debuted at the top of both the Hanteo and Gaon weekly charts in Korea and broke previous pre-order records in Japan. It also topped the iTunes overall chart in Japan, as well as the iTunes rock charts in nine countries.On 26 and 27 January, Jaejoong held two days of special concerts at the KINTEX Ilsan to celebrate the launch of the album, as well as his birthday.The 16,000 tickets to the concert were sold in record time.


Best Time Travel

Best Species (aliens, mutants, androids, or humanoid robots)

Best Assassin

  Best Post-Apocalyptic world

Alright, here is the PLAYLIST of K-Sci-fi you want so, happy listening.

~Happy Halloween

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My haircare Routine

Hey Guys,

I' m so happy and tired at same time that finish this jam pack week of school and I'm ready for the weekend. Anyways I wanted talk about hair well, right now I have my hair in a weave and in just a month my hair grown which seems to always happen when I get one. My hair been itching up a storm so today after my last class I going to wash it since all the oil I use to sooth my scalp has made my weave hair oily. I know some girls just co-wash their weaves or natural hair but I tend to treat it like my own hair; comb, deep condition if need be, shampoo, condition, dry, and apply heat.So here are the products I use:
First, I use a protein condition;Ion or Aphogee; which helps stop hair loss and promotes hair growth but since my hair is really thick I suggest you use these shampoos once or twice month since the protein can dry out your hair but if you have thin hair this really great for you.
 Then I use Kracie's Ichikami shampoo and conditioner which I have to say is my favorite set of all time. I had been searching for a shampoo that didn't use sulfates(sulfate lauryl) which is high fructose corn syurp of shampoo ingredients; it also in most toothpastes and soaps these days. In industry standard of the chemical is consider a Dioxane exposure to body can cause damage to the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and even cause death.Moderate exposure could cause temporary immobilize or possible leave injury. And when temperature are added to mix the chemical is easily changed. Dioxane has affected groundwater supplies in several areas since the chemical does not bind the soil but soluble to water. But in the state California under law it is classified to cause cancer. Anyways, I love Ichikami it's rich and lathers nicely, leaving my hair soft and clean with use of floral and herbal essences with rice bran.
 Before I found Ichikami, I was using Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo and conditioner which is also sulfate free line. It does stop frizz a little and smells nice. You can find this product at TJ-Max or certain health food stores and some drugstores. Also, it's safe enough to use the condition if you need to shaving your legs. Anyway, if I didn't have either of these shampoos and condioners I would go buy the Tresmme thermal creations shampoo and conditioner now called Thermal Recovery which was taken off the shelves a few months after it's debut. You can only find it online and outside the states which is a bummer because I tired a sample of it and was amazing.

 Oh I gave my Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner to my boyfriend; he said it reminded him of another shampoo plus it wasn't doing it for me anymore. I was noticing my hair would get dirty faster and scent would fade.

For weeks of not washing my hair due to time, weaves and working out or school. I like to use Paul Mitchell's Clarifying shampoo. I also use the Super Smoothing line (Gel and serum)

Usually before I wash my hair I like to deep condition it so, I mix both my Tsubaki Damage Care with Macadamia oil.

 When I'm not in weaves or braids, I use mostly Dr. Miracles Curl line (moisturize and frizz control) and the newly formulated Hot Gro. I usually style my hair with these and/or Vonte and if my hair really dry I use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner which adds a nice shine to my hair.


Hemisphere and Galaxxxy Sale

Hey Guys
So my friend I always talk about on here who DJ for KCON;I wish I would of gone but had some financial set backs recently; and the rest of the Tune in Tokyo Crew is having special event this coming Saturday, October 12, 2013 called Hemisphere.
I'm still deciding whether or not I should attend because this coming weeks it's going to get a whole lot harder and I don't even know if I'll be able to attend TNT for Halloween this year and that's the weekend I first met my boyfriend for the first time, WOW! I can't believes it's been year almost seriously, I never thought I would say that. But if you guys are in the LA area this weekend, please attend, it's worth it and they'll be having a special menu that night as well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013