Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, Fanime was awesome guys!! If you went I hope you had fun as well:D. So, I actually got my contacts in time for con...I was really stressed out last week I'll post picture of them in the bottle and reveiw of them later. But I was so tried no, exhausted till I was DQing and hasn't worn off till today. Sorry if anyone felt my wrath due to my lack of sleep from driving, stubbornness and my diet. Anyways I got some Photo Heavy Content for you guys. I waited in line for more then two hours for my ticket which enraged some people I have to say it longer wait then AX surprisingly. Oh I missed my C3 gals panel because I had to go back to hotel to get my cosplay O~O. Also there is another con coming up called Ninja-con on June 8th  and Vocaliod After Party. I forgot to tell you guys that there was a huge Touhou gathering and Magical Girl gathering (I've notice that magical girls are turning more younger and cuter;loli/moe; as I get older, WTF, I mean if I had little girl would love dress up like that I mean I use dress like that for school and related events but it of kind weird to know that there people out there who turn that image upside down.) But not get caught up in madness. (I under both sides but logic behind it is very egotistically approach on one side, the other is about health concern of society and lastly economics issues with in society could be contributing to behavior of the masses.) I'm not gonna lie to you guys I'm kind of Fujoshi in terms that day dream about male anime characters that lack of "chutzpah" but video games I love them with an ego, smart, and a good voice(oh Raiden!) actor to back him up but for girls I like quiet ones, funny ones and yandere ones IDKY...Oh yeah I went to two hentai panel because I came realization that I watch a lot harem Animes and I'm finally owning up to my addiction...Welcome Ashley to AA(Anime Anonymous) and the lady gave away free hentai to everyone and me aloof to what I was doing I walked my way over to them... people were begging me to hand over so copies I had picked up. On the last day after the ceremonies we Googled Google, and went to Yahoo and even windowed Apple building and store lol and we also saw Microsoft and Intel which looks like there cores of the freeway and we saw Seagate. I actually surprised that Fanime has actually swapmeet on the first night where you buy and sell pretty much anything...I caved and bought two 2001 Morning Musume CDs.